Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 2009

Incredible India Festival 2009

Winners of Music and Dance Competitions 2009 (click to download)

More than 40 children participated in a very successful first ever “Incredible India Festival” held on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 2009. Competitions in Hindustani vocal, dances and Workshops in Tabla drums and Bharatnatyam plus a talent showcase were offered. Lecture cum demonstration of Indian classical music by Bay area artist Mahesh Kale at:

Foulks Ranch Elementary
6211 Laguna Park Drive
Elk Grove, CA 95758

May 31, 2009

Student Recital-Sangeet Bharati Academy of Indian Music at Laxmi Narayan Temple, Sacramento 4:00-8:30 p.m.

July 2009

International Festival at Fairytale Town, Sacramento, CA

August 30, 2009

7th Annual Ganesh Festival at Roy Herburger Elem in Elk Grove

September 2009

Panchatantra Storytelling at Fairytale Town

September 12, 2009

Cultural Festival of India at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, CA 2:00-6:00 p.m.

November 7, 2009

Bollywood Hungama Charity Show-Call for Entries – Fundraising Show for “Disha Vidyalaya” a school for underprivileged youth in Pune, India. Time: 3:00-8:00 p.m. Venue: Roy Herburger Elementary, 8670 Maranello drive, Elk Grove, CA 95624 $8 advance, $10 at the door, children 6-12 yrs: $5

Reserve your tickets by calling (916)-683-1914 or email sangeetbharati@hotmail.com

2006 – Fourth Annual Ganapati Utsav

4th Annual Ganesh Festival

August 27th, 2006

Hinde Auditorium
Sacramento State University
Presented by: Sangeet Bharati


  1. Ganapati Aarti
  2. Sharada Stuti by Sangeet Bharati: Vanita Mundhra, Avani Kelekar, Poonam Chand, Anusha Deshpande,Sayli Natu, Rekha Bhende, Heera Kulkarni Tabla: Daljit Singh
  3. Baratanatyam Dance by Nithya Gopinath, choreographed by Vidya Govindan
  4. Bhakti Geet: Geeta Mahendra
  5. Carnatic Violin Duet: Keshav Raghavan and Govind Raghavan
  6. Marathi Bhakti Geet : Rehka Bhende, Tabla: Daljit Singh
  7. Anandi Anand Zala: Folk Dance performance by Noopur Dance Group-Avani Kelekar, Vanita Mundhra, Mrunal Wakode, Anviti Singh Choreographed by Rajshree Deshpande and Sushma Daga
  8. Pasayadaan from Gyaneshwari: Anusha Deshpande Tanpura: Sayli Natu

  10. Mudakarat Modakam: Carnatic Music directed by Surya Jagannathan Artists: Akhil and Arvind Sundararajan, Mithila Venkatraman, and Varna Vasudevan
  11. Sant Eknath Abhang: Tanvi Kamath
  12. Harmonium and Tabla Duet: Rishikesh Kulkarni and Kedar Kulkarni
  13. Sant Tukaram Abhang-: Sayli Natu
  14. Bharatnatyam Dance :Ganesh Vandana by Supriya Panda Choreographed by Kalanjali
  15. Sangeet Bharati Presentation of Bhakti Geet:
    • Darshan Do Bhagavan: Anuya Kamath
    • Shree Radhe Govinda: Vanita Mundhra
    • Ek Dantam: Avani Kelekar
    • Ganapati Charan: Poonam Chand
    • Garba Folk Song: Sangeet Bharati
  16. Carnatic Music directed by Amutha Kannan Lambodhara by Asha Kiran Cherukuri
  17. Bharatnatyam dance-Maha Ganapati: Madhulika Chaturvedula choreographed by Sirisha Gulapalli
  18. Winners of “Images of India” art Competition: Shubha Konnur and Haripriya Raghavan
  19. Pahi Pahi Gajanana by Sangeet Bharati: Anuya Kamath, Tanvi Kamath, Avani Kelekar, Sayli Natu, Vanita Mundhra, Anusha Deshpande

Masters of Ceremony: Siddharth Kulkarni and Shubangi Kelekar
Ganapati Slides/Music: Siddharth Kulkarni
Art Competition Judges: Shubha Konnur and Haripriya Raghavan
Tabla accompaniment: Daljit Singh
Manjira: Rajshree Deshpande
Ganapati Mural: Pallavi Sawant
Lighting and sound system: Santosh More
Refreshments: Heera Kulkarni, Pallavi Sawant, Shubhangi Kelekar, Sushma Daga, Archana Wakode and Rekha Cherukuri

Sangeet Bharati — “Inspiring, Nurturing and Developing Indian Arts”(I.N.D.I.A.)

Special Thanks To:

  • Sanskruti Indian Cultural Group of CSUS
  • Multicultural Center of CSUS
  • Sangeet Bharati Cultural Program Committee:
    • Heera Kulkarni
    • Bijay and Sandhya Panda
    • Shubhangi Kelekar
    • Pallavi Sawant
    • Santosh More
    • All volunteers and performers

September 2008 – Sixth Ganesh Festival organized by Sangeet Bharati

Sixth Ganesh Festival organized by Sangeet Bharati on September 13th at Laxmi Narayan Temple 7495 Elder Creek Drive Sacramento, CA 95824

Sixth Annual Ganesh Festival
September 13th, 2008
Laxmi Narayan Mandir
7495 Elder Creek Road, Sacramento, CA

All are cordially invited from the greater Sacramento community to the sixth annual Ganesh Festival organized by Sangeet Bharati. We are offering a great opportunity to all of our Singers, Dancers and Cooks. See below for the entry information for the cultural program and cooking competition as well as the guidelines.
When: Saturday, September 13th 2008 (around 3 PM)
Venue: Laxmi Narayan Temple 7495 Elder Creek Drive, Sacramento, CA 95824.
Food Coupons: $20 per family (family of four or less) for complete dinner
Volunteers and sponsors needed: Please call Heera Kulkarni at (916)-683-1914
Send your entries to : sangeetbharati@hotmail.com
Subject of your e-mail should read -
Entry for cultural program’ or ‘Entry for Cooking competition’
Please include the following information in your e-mail:
Cultural Program (time limit is 3-5 minutes):
Parent/Guardian/Choreographer’s Name:
Oragnization/club name:
Phone number:
E-mail address:
Category: (Dance/Singing/Shloka/skit/Other [please specify])
Name of song/item (lok sangeet, classical or film songs about god preferred):
Description of entry:
Names of Participants:
Cooking Competition (open to children and adults) Top three prizes awarded in each category.
Theme: Laddu/ladu or modak (please choose one)
There are three categories:
a. Kids and youth
b. Adults

c. Adults
Winning entries will be published in the Incredible India festival booklet.

Please bring your entry by 4:00 p.m. to the temple. After judging your prasad will be distributed to a thankful audience. Please bring at least 10-12 laddus or modak.

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Organization or club if any:
4. Your Contact Email: Phone:
5. Type of entry: Modak or Laddu (main ingredients for laddu:__________________________________)

The last date for cultural program and cooking competition entries is August 28th 2008.
Sangeet Bharati reserves the right to cancel any entry at any time before the performance. Sangeet Bharati may stop taking entries if the cultural program is full and/or the time limit for the program is over.
If you have any questions please email sangeetbharati@hotmail.com
Please visit our website www.sangeetbharati.org for more details.

Heera Kulkarni,
B.Sc., B.Music, MSW, M.Ed.,
TNLI Fellow, Yoga Shiromani

August 23, 2008 – Janmashtami Celebration and Fourth Annual Indian Cultural Festival

Janmashtami Celebration and Fourth Annual Indian Cultural Festival at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, CA from 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. For more information please call Heera Kulkarni at 683-1914